品牌封面CANARY 長谷川刃物

The brand CANARY Hasegawa blade from Japan,

It is the overlord of the cutting blade industry.  

Founded in 1933 in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.  

CANARY is a symbol of high quality, and it is the object of many magazines competing for coverage.

It is also an excellent manufacturer that often receives the Japanese GOOD DESIGN award.

The ~CANARY Hasegawa blade from Japan has a history of more than 80 years and is both practical and aesthetic.

The fascinating story behind the classic knife~

"Knives are props.

They are indispensable props that support the functioning, convenience and fun of everyday life. "

Hasegawa Blades from Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is celebrating its 80th anniversary! Since its establishment in 1993, the techniques handed down by the scissors craftsmen have passed the strict quality inspection for each CANARY knife that has been put into production with both hands and heart! Every blade produced ~ is an elegant presentation.

A good blade can help us complete a good work quickly and neatly, comfort and practicality, as well as the aesthetics that modern people pay attention to, CANARY has done it.