品牌封面GREEN BELL 匠之技

GREEN BELL has many well-known world brands such as Craftsmanship/Seki EDGE/PSG/+QQ/Mr.Barber/SE Grooming/BaBy/other, etc.

They are all made in the factory in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where the knives are produced, and crafted by skilled craftsmen one by one.

The quality of "not breaking, not bending and very sharp" has spread the reputation of the [Guan Dao] brand to the whole country. For more than 700 years, with skilled technology and the spirit of pursuing high quality, it has created the top sharp knife knives.

Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where the factory is located, is an area rich in knives, and these experiences have been passed on to the artisans today.

The history of [Kan knife] (Knives of Seki no Blades) began when the swordsmiths moved to Seki in the Muromachi era and began to produce knives. The quality of "not breaking, not bending and very sharp" makes the [Kan knife] brand The word of mouth has spread to the whole country, and it has established the reputation of the Japanese knife industry for more than 700 years. Inspired by the knife industry of Sekiichi, a knife maker, products that combine traditional and modern technologies have now reached a variety of products such as kitchen knives, scissors, razors, and nail scissors. The [Guan Knife] brand is also highly valued and exported from all over the world, and it is now one of the world-famous knife producing areas.

World class knives from Seki

Seki and Solingen in Germany and Sheffield in the UK are tied for the top three knife cities in the world. The technology and traditions handed down from the long history, Seki Seki City has received good evaluation both at home and abroad. There are three main reasons why Seki has become a world-famous city of knives. The first is the abundant water source of the Nagara River in Seki City, and the second is that the soil required for quenching and the laterite required for knife making are of very high quality and abundant in Seki City. Despite the advancement of modern technology, these natural resources continue to support the knife industry.

Inheriting the technology of traditional famous swords

Seki's swords are famous for their "unbreakable, unbendable, and very sharp" swords. There were several famous craftsmen in the Warring States Period, and many famous products have been passed down to this day. Among them, the famous swords loved by military commanders such as Takeda Shingen and Toyotomi Hideyoshi are known as the sharpest swords in the world. These technologies and environment have created the reputation of Japan's No. 1 producer of knives, which is also famous in the world. Today in Seki, the traditional Japanese sword technique with a long history has been inherited and protected by the swordsmiths and passed down to this day.

Concept: From Japan to the World

The philosophy behind our product development at Green Bell is very simple. Every employee thinks about the characteristics of the product from the customer's standpoint, shares the creativity, and is proud of being an employee of the company. We provide our products and services with the spirit of providing the best quality to our customers. With real quality and reasonable price, we will provide more and better quality products to more customers, and support the Guan brand that is striding forward to the world.